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Camping & Aftershow

The camping area is right beside the Nordseehalle. You can camp there if you are owner of the 2-days-Ticket! more information soon!

Aftershowparty at the "Bourbon" directly at Emder Marketplace.



Open Doors / Begin

Doors: Friday - 17:00 o'clock
            Saturday - 14:00 o'clock
Begin: Friday - 17:30 o'clock
             Saturday - 14:30 o'clock

Running Order 

FRIDAY -- 12.09.14
17:00             Open Doors
17:30 - 18:00 TWIST OF FATE
18:25 - 19:25 SCUMDOGZ
19:50 - 20:50 KADAVRIK
22:40 - 00:10 NERVECELL
00:10 - ??      AFTERSHOW @ "BOURBON"

SATURDAY -- 13.09.14
14:00             Open Doors
14:30 - 15:00 AUSTIN DEATHTRIP
16:35 - 17:20 BREAKING SAMSARA
17:45 - 18:30 HYRAX
18:55 - 19:40 HARDBONE
20:05 - 21:05 CONTRADICTION
21:30 - 22:30 MAERZFELD
22:55 - 00:25 BLACK MESSIAH
00:25 - ?? AFTERSHOW @ "BOURBON"

Changes are possible !!



If you are under 18 years old, here you find the document which is needed to be filled and signed!
You need to show the completed document at the cashpoint!


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FAQ - Frequently asked Questions:

Camping is available! The camping area is right beside the Nordseehalle. You can not park your car next to your tent but the parking space is only a few meters away. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THERE IS NO GUARANTEE FOR LOST ITEMS! Dont let any useful items in the tents! 
Please keep your camp ground clean so we can keep the price low. You will receive some rubbish-bags at the cash point!

Glass and fire
Glass bottles are only allowed at the camping area. NOT in the location! The security guards will get the bottles if you try to get with it in the location.
Open fire places are 
strictly prohibited. You can use a barbecue!  



General Terms and Conditions:

Through the buying of a ticket for the FULL HD Festival you accept the following paragraphs.

§ 1
At the entrance of the location you will get a ribbon for your ticket. With this action your ticket gets worthless and only with your ribbon you can get into the location. You can not give the ribbon to a third person. You are responsible for your ribbon so it is the only way to prove that you are a guest of the festival. Without a ribbon you won't get entrance to the area. You have to show your ribbon to the security members if they want to see it. Who tries to get on the festival area without ribbon or undamaged ticket would be thrown out by the security staff.

§ 2
Guests under 16 years only get entrance to the area with a personal escort person and the filled and signed u18-paper downloadable at the u18 page. Guests between 16 and 18 years without a personal escort person have to leave the area until 00.00 o'clock.  You find the u18 document here --click-- 

§ 3
It is strictly not allowed to wear outfits with anti-constitutional symbols. People wearing those outfits are not allowed to enter the area.

§ 4
To bring in drinks and food is not allowed at the festival area.

§ 5
To bring in weapons, pyros, drugs or animals is strictly prohibited!

§ 6
Fire places are strictly prohibited on the whole festival area.

§ 7
You have to follow the orders by the security team. If you don't, you have to leave the festival area.

§ 8
To bring in audio- / movie-recorders or professional cameras is forbidden! Recordings of the show without written permission are forbidden!
You can use a normal digicam or smartphone camera.

§ 9
By damage for health (like hearing defect) because of the "FULL HD" we assume no liability. If you notice any problems please get in touch with the security or medic staff!

§ 10
A refund of the ticket is only possible when the festival gets canceled.
The nominal value of the ticket will be payed.

§ 11
The organizer can change the program at any time if there are any unforseeable situations (like illness of a musician, traffic jam).

§ 12
Parking is for free. It is only allowed to use the signed parking places. The parking place is right next to the festival area. The owner of the festival ticket is parking on his own risk. To bring any glas bottles a.s.o. is prohibited. Parking beside the tent is NOT allowed.

§ 13
For lost or stolen things the organizer assumes no liability. 

We wish you much fun at the "FULL HD FESTIVAL" ! Rock on! 

your "FULLHD"-Team


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